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Anonymous: can you explain what happened to Taeheon?

Last week Taeheon suffered a nasal fracture during his debut MMA fight and was admitted to the hospital right after.

Anonymous: what happened with zea?


Anonymous: isn't it funny? you said that you would delete your blog 2 years ago but you're still here

omg the fact that you even remember that lmao. /was it even 2 years ago it feels longer../

but yeah idk haha, it kinda is. a couple of weeks ago i was actually going through my old posts and found the post where i said i was going to quit, but then i was like screw this i’m coming back /i literally left for less than 2 weeks i am so weak lmao/

Anonymous: Jackson, A. Nonymous, Seoul D. Reams, Hyuk's Ass. Together we can make this happen. ReleaseTheBuns2014 with that picture already successfully raising awareness for our cause

i cannot b elieve this is happening

Anonymous: I (firmly) believe jackson would set up a bun squeezing booth if jyp let him

that’s some dedicated bun squeezing„ i think you should bring this matter to jackson himself.. ya know.. to help get this idea going.. //on a side note, this entire bun talk made me think of this//

Anonymous: I want to squeeze those buns

but would jackson want you to squeeze the buns

Anonymous: selca?

the closest things you’ll ever get 

Anonymous: Thank you anon for helping me and thank you seouldreams for showing me the right answer!

Glad to be a messenger, uhu.

Anonymous: 내 최악의 악몽

Previous anon!! This is my worst nightmare in Korean!! /thank u/