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Anonymous: Yeah I agree with your friend. It does kinda sound like 1004

We’ve been trying to figure it out for an hour, lmao. But ugh, maybe it is 1004 and we’re just over analyzing the tune too much, haha.

katerinkoo: Hey! I think you're the only vixx fan that I follow so I decided to ask you this, in their song Steal Heart, does someone really says FART before the dubstep-breakdown?:D :D cos I only hear fart :D and when I went through vixx tag didn't see anyone commenting on this..hope I am not the only one who hears it :D anyway, thanks for reading, love your blog!

hello dear!! haha, you’re definitely not the only one that hears that. someone actually said the same thing on the highlight medley. but anyways, it’s actually ‘heart’ not fart, lmao. /thank u for loving my blog!!/


Anonymous: hey lily how did you make hover text in your about me?

1. type your text
2. highlight the text you want the hover text to be on
3. click ‘insert/edit link’ /the chain looking thing beside strikethrough/
4. leave the link url blank and type your hover text message in the title area
5. click insert link and wowu done!! :-)

Anonymous: I hope you and everyone else reblogging that Titanic post regarding SM and their artists realise how insensitive yall are. I get that it's a joke but the Titanic was a real tragedy in which a bunch of idols leaving a company can't be compared to. It's rather distasteful tbh. In no means am I referring to you solely but I just happened to see it because I follow you and it was reblogged.

i totally understand where you’re coming from and i didn’t think of it that way, however!! //and i know you weren’t referring to me solely// i was more focusing on the fact that it was just an extremely bad cover of the titanic theme song played poorly on a recorder lmao. //so the that fact that there were so many mistakes corresponds to the amount of fk ups sm has done so far with its artists//„ but i’m sorry if you were offended in any way.

Anonymous: toxic: *has a comeback* you: #nochill

truly„…. this is so going on my about page

Anonymous: i have never heard of toxic before. who are they and what other songs do they have?

toxic is a two member band under tnc company!! guitar is jungwoo and drums is seulong!! i believe they were the winners of survival: top band 2011? / i didn’t get into them until 2012 though bc that’s when they had their actual debut/ my absolute favourite song from them is actually an ost lmao. anyways, here’s some song recs!!

turning (two weeks ost)
lonely (debut!!)
first bridge (entire first album lol)
satellite (released a couple of months ago!!)
countdown (mv is lol but seulong’s blue hair is noice)

Anonymous: do you think they will release the intro song for mix and match i really like it!!

tbh i’m wondering the same thing!! i’m hoping they will though!! maybe near the end of m&m??

ohmygannicus: sorry I keep I liking all your stuff D:

it’s alright dear!! no need to be sorry, go ahead!! :-)

Anonymous: YOU'VE BEEN NOMINATED! As you know vixx is having a comeback with ERROR and I nominate you to make a reaction video to the MV when it comes out! You are not the only one who has been nominated so I hope your up for it!!

[sneak preview] *points at hyuk* that me