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匿名: Hey lily. Could you notify your followers and tell them if they could please block twitter user @kysadrian. He's making jokes on the death of Eunbi and the rest of ladies code. Thank you.
匿名: i've just reported that ass on twitter for his tweets but now twitter's sent me an email saying my report won't be reviewed??? i ticked that i wasn't directly involved because tbh i'm not but now they're all like "oh sorry ur report doesnt meet the criteria for a review" and idk what else i can do :\\\\

hi there. i totally understand, i got the same message but i don’t think there is really much we can do after this.

from my experience, there’s was this one person who tweeted hate comments to sungjong and other really disgusting things regarding him. i (and other inspirits etc) reported them as well and got the same message. however!! even so, the account did eventually get deleted/suspended after a couple of days (unfortunately they have made numerous accounts again and again, but anyways—) i’m pretty sure it was bc of everyone who sent in their reports that this person was removed from twitter. i don’t know too much about twitter, but i’m guessing and hoping if they see enough reports about the same issue, they’ll look into it! 

edit: since twitter won’t look into the case, tumblr user jeonkibum has suggested report the account for being annoying.

匿名: it's 12 where you are?? where do you live? i live in ca!

Wowu nice. I live in Ontario, Canada!! /and now it’s 1:50am lol/ 

prettysushi-chan: *hugs you real tight* would you please send this to the first 10 people on your dash to keep it going? Make someone’s day with a hug (ღ˘⌣˘)❛ั◡❛ัღ) <333


匿名: lily your icons on your macbook are really cute! (the pic you posted on twitter) i recognize atom but who's the rest?

Thank you!! The bg and icons are all drawn by 0lkka though, uhu. ♡

Anyways, the icons are all from their debut era so, left is Xero and Yano, right is A-Tom, Kidoh, P-Goon, and Seogoong!! /sob, so cute/

匿名: hey lily! i was wondering if you could recommend some bts blogs? please and thank you!

Unfortunately I don’t follow too many blogs solely dedicated to Bangtan but there’s bang-tan, jeoned, taehyungs-vjung-koookminsugahs, vyonceyoonsaur, and jiminparks!! /i think that’s all of them.. you’re welcome!!/

匿名: Is your dp Jonghoon from ftisland??^^

Yes it is!! 

匿名: lovely lily~ ever since i followed ur twitter i havent had to ask about ur opinion on songs~ so dont think ive forgotten u hehe i still love u~~

Lovely anon hello!! Wow, but I’m so dumb on Twitter and most of my tweets/opinions are ??? there, lmao. Nice to see here from you though!! /throws hearts/ (。・ω・。)♡♡

匿名: Do you always tag your stuff in caps? because it looks like your screaming your tags and I keep reading that way too lolol i literally screamed in my head #JR#YOUNGJAE#JACKSON#BAMBAM#YUGYEOM

Omg, I’m laughing. I’ve gotten this question before actually!!

Anyways the real reason why a majority of my tags are in capitals is bc my keyboard’s cap lock gets stuck really, really easily lmao. And I find there’s no point of me uncapitalizing if like 2 seconds later it goes to caps again, so I just keep it on until it’s necessary to not type in caps, lmao.

/it’s ok sometimes i look back at my tags and i scream in my head too.. in hopes that maybe they’ll hear me telepathically/