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Kim Sunggyu is my nephew. ♡


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FaceTime with Myungsoo (✿)

there are two types of people in this world :
sungyeol & woohyun or myungsoo

myungsoo’s ice bucket challenge


“If our words were whisky, I wouldn’t have had to work so hard, of course. I’d hand you the glass, and you’d take it and quietly send it down your throat – that would be the end of it. Very simple, very intimate, very accurate. However, our words are words, and they can only live in the world as words. When we tell stories, we replace all things with some other more sober things and then can only live within those limits. But sometimes for a brief, fortunate moment there is an exception, and our words really do become whisky. And we – or and least I – live dreaming of those moments. Dreaming of what would happen if our words were whisky.”